Where Can You Find Some Sample Donation Request Letters?

Find sample donation request letters on sites such as Letters.org, LoveToKnow.com, Vertex42.com and Rewarding-Fundraising-Ideas.com, as of 2015. Each site offers a variety of different letter styles and formats, with some featuring full sample copy written to fictional organizations and others including placeholder text for easy customization.

Letters.org offers a sample donation request letter written from an individual on behalf of an organization requesting a donation from a member of a business. The letter includes a formal introduction that identifies the writer and explains why he is asking for a donation. It also covers the purpose of the organization and ensures the donor that the funds are going to an important cause.

LoveToKnow.com contains multiple sample donation request letters, each of which focuses on requesting money or services from a different party. For example, one letter asks a private individual for a donation to an organization, whereas another asks for a sponsorship donation towards a single person.

Vertex42.com offers a general donation request letter template. The site also features tips on how to write the letter, including reminders to provide specific details about the organization and to be thankful for the donor's support.

Rewarding-Fundraising-Ideas.com covers the full process for writing a donation request letter, including the official formatting for mailing the letter across different sample scenarios.