Where Can You View Some Sample Contracts for Cleaning Services?


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View sample contracts for cleaning service businesses on sites such as LawDepot.com, Docracy.com, AtYourBusiness.com and PrintableContracts.com, as of 2015. Each site includes options to review full contracts with placeholder sections for details such as names, dates and rates. Some sites also allow users to create a custom document compliant with specific state laws.

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A service contract for a cleaning business allows owners to outline the specific services offered to clients and create a legally binding contract for the job. The documents typically begin with a section stating the purpose of the contract, which includes areas to write in the name of the cleaning company or its agent, as well as the client. It also clarifies that by signing the contract, both parties agree to the terms. Some contracts follow this with a list of stipulations regarding the service and the cleaning process, while others break the contract into sections relating to larger categories such as service, scheduling, rates and changes.

Many cleaning contracts include a section that grants the business owner permission to access the client's property. The contract may also list all of the services available and include an option to designate which are part of the contract, or only list those offered to the client. All contracts also state the cost of the service, typically as an hourly rate. The contracts also need to include the date and time of the cleaning, as well as a section for outlining rules to modify the contract.

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