Where Can You Find a Sample 911 Dispatcher Exam?

Find a sample 911 dispatcher exam for free at HelloQuizzy.com and Quizlet.com. Alternatively, purchase sample 911 dispatcher exams or full test preparation guides at TestPrep-Online.com, PublicSafetyTesting.com and Amazon.com as of 2015.

HelloQuizzy.com and Quizlet.com are general test study sites that allow users to take tests and study for free. The sample 911 dispatcher exam for free at HelloQuizzy.com is a short one at only 12 questions, but the experience of taking it is pretty realistic in that answers are not shown while taking the test. The sample test at Quizlet.com is much longer at more than 150 items. It is more of a study aid than an exam; it is formatted as a multiple-choice test, but the answer for each item is presented right beside the question.

TestPrep-Online.com is a general test preparation site that offers sample tests and exam preparation tools for a variety of professions, ranging from police and dispatcher exams to teacher licensing and civil service exams. The Dispatcher Practice Pack includes more than five different topics and personality profiling questions to prepare test takers for the 911 operator exam.

PublicSafetyTesting.com is a test preparation site specializing in the public safety sector. Its Preparation Guide (for Dispatcher Applicants) is a full guide that orients potential test takers on the nature of the test, the process of testing and the basis for scoring the test.

"Master the Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exams" by Peterson and Arco is a test preparation book available on Amazon.com that includes two full-length practice tests, explanations for exam question types and suggested test-taking strategies.