How Can You Find ROP Courses in Riverside County?

The Riverside County Office of Education provides an online guide for its Regional Occupational Program on its website. The county's Career Technical Education Unit has more than 550 ROP courses for students within the California county, as of 2015.

High school and adult residents of Riverside County are eligible to take ROP courses. Some courses provide students with the opportunity to gain college credits at community colleges and within the University of California system.

High school students who are interested in media and entertainment arts can take ROP courses in digital imaging, television and video production, and website design and development. A student who seeks a career in business and finance has courses that include financial literacy, professional business communications, and internships in finance and insurance.

Law enforcement, crime-scene investigation and the American criminal justice system are ROP courses for public-safety students. Courses for transportation services include automotive technology as well as automotive repair and maintenance.

Riverside's CTE Unit offers ROP courses for adult residents through its School of Career Education. ROP courses are available in six occupations, including health care, dentistry and business. A nine-month course is offered for students who want to become dental assistants. A preparatory course for the state Certified Nurse Assistant exam and courses in acute care and home health care are offered for health care students.