How Can You Take an RN Practice Test?

Visiting a free online practice test website such as is a good place to start taking NCLEX-RN practice tests. For a fee, companies such as Kaplan and National Council's Learning extension offer NCLEX-RN examination test preparation online, according to The NCLEX-RN is a standardized test for all nursing graduates in the United States and Canada to determine their readiness for their chosen profession.

After completing an accredited nursing program, a nursing graduate can apply for a nursing license from a state board of nursing and then register to take the exam. The state board determines applicants' eligibility to take the NCLEX-RN examination, and once applicants are deemed eligible, they receive authorization to take the test, notes

The following steps show how to take the free NCLEX-RN practice examination on

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into the browser and then press Enter.

  3. Go to the NCLEX-RN practice test
  4. Hover over the Exam option on the main menu on the 4Tests home page to reveal the submenu. Hover over Professional Exams to reveal another submenu, and then hover again on Medical Exams. Click on NCLEX.

  5. Take the test
  6. Click the Start the Exam button on the page to start the practice exam.