How Can You Find the Right Doctor?


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Finding the right doctor involves finding one with the right expertise for specific medical needs, checking for referrals, interviewing the doctor and considering one who is nearby and has compatible office hours, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Those who have health care insurance should look for doctors in their networks.

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Examples of different types of doctors and medical focuses include internal medicine, family medicine, general practice and pediatricians, notes Blue Cross Blue Shield. A person who has a family may prefer a family doctor, while someone who seeks to focus more on prevention and disease management might be better suited with a physician who focuses on internal medicine.

Friends and family may be able to offer referrals for reputable doctors, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. Other medical professionals, such as dentists and nurses, might also be able to make recommendations. Someone who is moving should ask his current doctor if he has any recommendations for a doctor in his new location or a way to find out more about reputable doctors in his new location.

When interviewing a doctor, it's best to feel comfortable and at ease in the physician's office, notes Blue Cross Blue Shield. Potential patients should also take note of other patients in the waiting room to gauge their moods as well as the moods of the physician's staff.

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