How Can You Find Reviews of Non-Profit Organizations?


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Non-profit reviews are found through a search of the charity name, either on charity oversight sites or a Web search engine. The oversight sites, such as Charity Navigator or Great Non-profits, often list financial data for the non-profit along with reviews. When combined, the data and reviews provide an in-depth look at the organization.

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Non-profit reviews are often based on the personal experience of those who have had exposure to the non-profit. This exposure can be from either the donor's point of view or those that do business with the non-profit, such as vendors. Even those helped by non-profit organizations leave reviews about their experiences. Because these are personal observations, however, they can be biased. As such, it's important to view multiple reviews of an organization to get a broader picture of its operations.

Details about the financial stability and activities of a non-profit are important when trying to overcome the bias generally found in a review. This hard data provides a general overview of the non-profit and is useful for backing up the reviews of the organization, or contradicting them. For example, a non-profit may receive positive reviews from those it helps, while the financial data may reveal that the non-profit spends most of its donor funds inefficiently.

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