How Can You Reuse Small Grain Bins?


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Reuse small grain bins by repurposing them into residential structures such as homes, cabins or storage units. The process for such a conversion varies depending on the style and condition of the grain bin, but typically involves clearing out the interior, installing electrical, plumbing and heating systems and cutting out sections of the walls to make doors and windows.

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Small grain bins and silos are ideal for use in a home conversion project as they already feature the basic requirements for a dwelling, being a fully-enclosed structure with walls and a roof. Begin the process by removing all contents from the bin. Clean the interior and exterior thoroughly, as any remaining food products or remnants can lead to issues with the construction of the final structure. Thoroughly investigate the bin to identify any major structural integrates, such as holes in the ceiling or rust in the walls.

After performing necessary repairs, an architect or structural designer develops the appropriate plans for the conversion. Depending on the needs of the owner, this may include the installation of electrical wiring and a plumbing system as well as insulation and windows. Some states place other requirements on homes, such as making a heating system mandatory. The owner may also need to collect and submit special paperwork to legally dwell in the unit.

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