Can I Retract My Resignation?

Employees can retract resignations, but the employer is under no obligation to accept. There are a number of strategies that increase an employee's chance of a retraction being accepted. When an employer rejects a resignation retraction, the employee is typically obligated to leave the job.

To retract a job resignation with the best odds of acceptance, an employee needs to draft a retraction letter. A resignation retraction letter states clearly that the employee is cancelling a previous notice of resignation. The original resignation date should be provided, as well as the current date of retraction. The letter should be addressed to the manager or supervising boss. It must be signed by the employee.

It is critical for the employee to then speak in person with his manager or the appropriate contact in the company's human resources department. In this meeting, the employee's goal is to show that he is serious about remaining with the company. The management representative typically asks questions about why the employee resigned in the first place. recommends that employees be honest in answering questions. Common reasons for employee resignations are financial issues, feeling unchallenged, being unhappy in the workplace, and a desire to learn new skills. Management may make changes to correct such issues if the retraction is granted. However, it is dangerous for the employee to indicate that he retracted the resignation because a job offer fell through. In that case, employers feel the employee is likely to continue looking for a new job if the retraction is granted.