Where Can You Find a Retirement Calculator?


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The websites for the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP and CNNMoney both offer retirement calculators that can help people determine what they need to save for retirement. The AARP's calculator, located under "Retirement Planning" in the "Work & Retirement" section, takes into consideration the person's savings accounts, supplemental retirement income and the lifestyle the retiree plans to lead. The CNNMoney calculator located in the "Calculators" area of the "Personal Finance" section considers the person's current age and expected retirement age and looks at the person's savings and income to determine how much they will have at retirement, according to CNNMoney.

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Where Can You Find a Retirement Calculator?
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To successfully plan for retirement, people should think about the standard of living they want to have and regularly put money in a savings plan, either through their employers or individually, notes the United States Department of Labor. The money should not be taken out of the accounts for other purposes, and people should regularly monitor their savings to ensure they're progressing toward their goals.

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