Where Can You Find a Restaurant Rent Lease?


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Find examples of a restaurant rent lease on sites such as RocketLawyer.com, LawDepot.com, Proposal-Samples.com and MoreBusiness.com, as of 2015. Some site offer interactive tools to build a custom lease, while others provide examples that include placeholder addresses, names and terms to display the basic elements of the document.

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RoketLawyer.com offers a tool that allows the owner of a commercial property to create a lease specifying the space for use as a restaurant, including the ability to customize the document to comply with different health and bundling codes. LawDepot.com also has a tool for building a restaurant lease agreement and printing it out for signing. Both Proposal-Samples.com and MoreBusiness.com offer pre-made restaurant leases that can be customized through editing in an external program.

A restaurant lease is a form of commercial lease agreement that's similar to a residential lease agreement in that it includes the names of the landlord and tenants as well as the monthly rent cost and term, but includes specific sections outlining the intended use of the space as well as responsibilities for certain aspects of the property. A restaurant lease typically contains multiple sections covering the responsibilities for maintenance and repairs to the property as well as the ability to make alterations and modification. Most restaurant leases place this responsibility on the tenant, as it directly pertains to the specifics of the business.

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