Where Can You Get a Residential Rebate Application Form?


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Residents can obtain a residential rebate application form through Vectren or through the city of residence. If a resident chooses to go through the city, the specific company, such as electric or gas, must be contacted directly.

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To complete the process, residents must be prepared to provide complete names and addresses as well as the services or products used to acquire a rebate. Once the form is submitted, individuals can receive rebates on a number of products, including natural gas boilers and furnaces, natural gas or electric thermostats, electric service air conditioning units and electric service ductless heat pumps.

Rebate prices vary based on the consumed watts of a specific product. For example, through Vectren residents can receive between $500 and $600 for an electric air source heat pump at least 18 SEER, but only between $300 and $400 for a 16 SEER. Residents should review all eligibility guidelines before applying for a rebate, and must realize that rates can vary between residential and business rebates. Depending on location, companies may ask individuals to mail in the form or fill out the form online. If a resident is unsure of how to submit the form, a city representative should be consulted.

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