How Can You Request a Printed Copy of Your W-2 Form From Tyson Foods?

Employees of Tyson Foods can request their W-2 form through the company's intranet system or by calling the Tyson Foods W-2 Helpline on 877-824-0707. Employees looking for a copy of their W-2 form can also speak to their human resources manager.

The W-2 form, which is also known as the "Wage and Tax Statement," should be issued to employees by their employers after they have been paid $600, as noted by Forbes. Employees should receive three copies of their W-2 annually, no later than January 31. These copies are labeled Copy B, Copy 2 and Copy C, the employer having retained Copy A, Copy 1 and Copy D for internal records or submission to the Social Security Administration and regional tax departments.

Copy B is for employees to file as part of their IRS tax returns, while Copy 2 is for filing with state, city or local taxing authorities. Copy C is for the employee's own financial records, in which it should be kept filed for at least 3 years after receipt.

Some of the information displayed on the W-2 form includes the employee's Social Security number, name, address and ZIP code; total wages, tips and other compensation; the amount of federal income tax withheld; the amount of Social Security tax withheld; and the amount of Medicare tax withheld.