How Can You Request a New Health Insurance Card Online?

To request a new health insurance online, it is often possible to log in to the company website of the plan provider and request a new card, according to the United Nations. If the insurance provider does not offer this as an option, obtain contact information from the website, and call the company to request the card.

If you have never used the online portal before, you must first create an account, notes Humana. You need information about your health insurance policy, such as the policy identification number. If you do not have this information and do not have an existing account, call the company's customer service line to request a new card.

Once you order a card, the insurance company mails it to you. Some companies also have an option to print a temporary card if you need to see a doctor or pick up a prescription before your new card arrives, states Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

If you never received an insurance card and are not sure that you have coverage, call your insurance company to confirm coverage. If you bought the plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you can also use that site to check, notes Log in to the website, and check under a tab labeled My Applications & Coverage, to confirm that you completed the application and purchased the plan.