How Can You Request an IRS Copy of the 2013 1040 Form and Instructions?

To request a copy of 2013 Form 1040 and instructions, taxpayers can call the IRS' toll-free number during regular operating hours, the IRS advises. Taxpayers can also visit an IRS tax assistance center to pick up copies of IRS forms, instructions and publications.

There are a few ways a taxpayer can obtain forms and instructions from the IRS, the IRS explains. When ordering by phone, taxpayers generally receive their order within seven to 10 days. IRS forms and instructions can be obtained by visiting the official website of the IRS 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The forms are available for viewing and download under the Forms & Pubs section. Local libraries and post offices generally have tax forms available during the tax season.

There are many IRS taxpayer assistance centers located across the country where taxpayers can obtain form and receive face-to-face assistance. Taxpayers can find the center located in their area by visiting and choosing Help & Resources, then Contact Your Local IRS Office, and select the state for a list of offices and services available at each office. Nearby centers are located by using the office locator link, which allows taxpayers to search by ZIP code, the IRS explains.