How Can You Replace Your Lost 10-Hour OSHA Card?

The only way to obtain a replacement 10-hour OSHA card is to contact the outreach trainer who performed your original training. This is because OSHA does not keep a database of all 10- and 30-hour certification classes and the students that attended them.

A replacement card can only be issued if the training was completed within the last three years. Only one replacement card can be issued per student per class, meaning a new training class needs to be completed if the replacement card is also lost.

After contacting your outreach trainer, you then have to contact the Authorized Training Organization to get the replacement card issued. The Authorized Training Organization has the right to charge a fee in order to issue the replacement card.

The 10-hour OSHA card is given to people who have successfully completed an approved OSHA Outreach Training Program. In order to get the card, the individual must attend and complete the entire course, including all the relevant topics. The person must also meet the minimum number of contact hours to receive their card. There are 10-hour classes available for maritime, general industry and construction work. OSHA also offers 30-hour classes for each of these industries.