Where Can You Find Rental Property With Acreage?


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Find properties for rent with acreage on sites such as Trulia.com, HomesAndLand.com, LoopNet.com, Craigslist.org and Zillow.com. Use the filtering and keyword search options on these sites to look for listings that mention included acres of land or similar open areas around the property.

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One way to find rentals with open acres of land is by conducting a keyword search for the term. This process checks the body description and titles of all postings on the site for direct or similar matches to the specified word or phrase. If the post includes a direct mention of the number of acres included in the property, it is likely to show up on the search. Try out different wordings and spellings in the keyword search to access the widest selection of listings possible.

Zillow.com offers a search filter that allows users to specify a minimum or maximum property size, which is separate from the square footage of the actual home. This tool is useful for finding listings with included acreage because it enables you to set a minimum lot size. By entering in a size larger than what would be included in a lot that only had a home, you can find listings with extra acres of land.

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