Where Can You Rent a Warehouse for a Small Business?

can-rent-warehouse-small-business Credit: Phil Boorman/Cultura/Getty Images

Sites such as LoopNet.com, CityFeet.com and Showcase.com contain listings for warehouses and other types of commercial properties available for small business to rent. Once a user locates a specific property, she needs to work out the terms of the rental agreement with the property's landlord or leasing agent.

To search for warehouse rental listings on LoopNet.com, a user searches the Industrial section, in order to exclude retail and office space listings, and chooses the city in which she wants to operate her business. Listings contain information about the total square footage of the space as well as the size of the building and its official classification type. Similarly, CityFeet.com displays the size of the warehouse and zoning type, but it also includes a detailed description of the space. Each site lists the rental price as the cost per square foot per year, rather than as a flat monthly rate as with residential leasing.

Users hunting for warehouse listings on Showcase.com are able to refine search results based on factors such as the space available, rental price or total building size. The site also lists rental prices per square foot per year, though some properties do contain rental options that feature negotiable prices.