How Can You Rent Land for Grazing?


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Rent land for grazing by finding a land owner with open property through a ranching publication, local classifieds site or by speaking with ranchers in the area and determining the rate for the land over a set period of time. Sign a contract that outlines the full terms of the agreement to ensure the appropriate pricing and duration of the deal.

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Begin by finding land near your livestock that is available for grazing, as this helps to reduce cost of transporting the animals to the land and makes it easier to respond to issues if necessary. Many land owners set their own rates for grazing rentals, typically as a percentage of the current market value for the sale of the land. Check the sale prices of land in the area to understand the current rates, and check the percentage the land owner is charging, as many typically operate on approximately two percent of the sale price.

Also inspect the land to ensure that it is in good condition and free of any threats to the livestock, such as predators, natural land hazards such as cliffs or man-made waste. Outline a contract that specifies the exact grazing area you want to rent, the full duration of the rental agreement and the exact price of the rent, usually per acre. Make sure to include the responsibilities of the land owner, if any, and the process for renewing or terminating the lease.

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