Can You Rent an Apartment With a Poor Credit?


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While it may be more difficult than usual for a person with poor credit to rent an apartment, it is not impossible. Those with poor credit may wish to use a co-signer, offer to pay a larger deposit or set up recurring rent payments and bring letters of reference.

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Can You Rent an Apartment With a Poor Credit?
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Getting a co-signer may be a good option for those seeking to rent with little or no credit history. A co-signor signs a lease second to the renter and guarantees that rent will be paid. Co-signers are usually family members or close friends with good credit.

Another option for those attempting to rent with poor credit is to offer the landlord a higher deposit upfront. Paying a few months rent in advance, if possible, may make a landlord more open to renting to a tenant with bad credit history. This may not work if a property has set deposit policies.

Setting up automatic rent payments to be deducted from your bank account may also be a good strategy when attempting to rent an apartment with bad credit. The landlord will most likely require verification of employment from a tenant wishing to establish automatic monthly payments for rent. Positive letters of reference from former landlords may also come in handy.

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