How Can You Remove a State Tax Lien?

It can be difficult to get a tax lien of any sort, be it state or federal, removed from a credit report, notes Tax liens can stay on a credit report indefinitely, and there is no legal recourse to remove them until seven years after the lien debt is actually paid off. State laws may differ on how tax lien records are dealt with, so there is no one way to go about getting the record of the lien wiped from one's credit report; the best approach may be to pay the debt as soon as possible and request that state authorities remove the incident from the credit history in question.

After paying off the lien debt, the lien may be expunged from the credit history by contacting the specific state's department of revenue or tax department and requesting an official document that verifies the lien is paid in full. This proof of payment may be helpful in the process of disputing the paid lien's presence on a credit report.

Those who were unfairly subject to a lien should immediately dispute its presence on their credit report. Collecting any official documentation and using it during the dispute process with all three major credit bureaus is also necessary, notes