What Can You Get for Redeeming Visa Card Points?


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Visa traditional rewards credit card points can be redeemed for cash back, airline travel, hotel nights and upgrades, gift cards, select merchandise and charitable donations, as of February 2015. Rewards vary based on the type of Visa credit card the owner possesses.

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Credit card rewards programs give a consumer a certain amount of points for each dollar spent using that card. Depending on the program, points may only be accumulated for specific purchases. For example, certain credit cards only earn reward points when used to purchase groceries. Credit cards may have multiple types of rewards available, while others can only be redeemed for one type of reward.

The way a cash back reward is issued varies based on the card issuer. It may be applied as a credit on the next credit card statement, as a deposit to the card holder's account or the card issuer may send a check in the mail. Airline rewards may come in the form of discounts for a specific airline or frequent flyer miles.

Some cards offer bonus points upon sign up or for money spent during a specific time period. There are often spending minimums to qualify for the bonus. Cards may have point limits or points can expire, but both depend upon the card issuer.

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