Where Can You Redeem a Sony Pictures UV Code?

Redeem a Sony Pictures UV code through websites such as SonyPicturesStore.com, MyUV.com, Flixter.com and Vudu.com, as of 2015. Each site requires you to create an UltraViolet account, or an account through an UltraViolet-enabled site, to store the movie and access it at a later date.

Sony Pictures UV codes appear on participating movies with the UltraViolet logo on them. Once you purchase a movie, remove the sticker on the box and enter the code at a participating website to link it to your account. Most participating sites have a redemption page that includes a box to enter the code and the option to link it to the account. Each code is only valid for a single redemption on a single account and may not transfer onto another account.

Once you redeem the code through your account, you can watch a digital version of the movie at any time through the appropriate account. MyUV.com and SonyPicturesStore.com support viewing through a Web browser, as do many other sites. Many video streaming services that support the UltraViolet system, such as Vudu and Flixter, also allow you to watch the film through a streaming device. These services require you to configure the device with the appropriate application and log into the account to access the video. There are no viewing limits or expiration dates with the digital version.