How Can You Recognize Employment Scams?


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Any employment opportunity on the Internet that seems too good to be true is likely a scam, according to job searching expert Alison Doyle for About.com. When people contact you out of the blue offering a high wage for a job, this is a sign the job is likely a fake.

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When a job offer comes to the recipient via email, and the opening message indicates the sender found the recipient's resume online, this is a potential red flag, notes Doyle. When the recruiter wants the recipient to start the job right away or put the recipient through an interview, this is also a warning sign.

Exorbitant pay is another sign the job is likely a scam, explains Doyle. One example is an opening that might show up in an inbox offering $65 or $70 per hour simply for a job that allows the recipient to work from home. This sort of claim is likely to be a scam, as those sorts of prices are not realistic. Scammers also offer recipients the job they are calling about right there on the spot. They often get names from job boards. It is important to understand the signs of a job scam to avoid giving out confidential information.

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