How Can a Recipe Idea Be Submitted to Lipton?

Customers submit original recipes using Lipton products through the Yummly link on Lipton's homepage. The link redirects users to Lipton's page on Yummly, where they can click on the "+" on the top right of the screen to add a recipe. To use Yummly, users must first register for a free Yummly account. Alternately, Lipton provides a Contact Us link on their website. To submit a recipe through that link, customers click on Contact Us and send a message.

The most visible way to submit a recipe to Lipton is the Yummly page. Unsolicited recipes sent through the Contact Us tool do not always reach a live person; however, recipes posted on Yummly receive instant attention from other individuals browsing the site. In addition, Yummly provides an opportunity for users to interact with others and to download and save recipes.

The Lipton company makes a variety of soup mixes that have inspired thousands of original recipes. These recipes appear all over the Internet on cooking sites, YouTube and blogs. Customers wishing to submit a recipe have thousands of options on where to post their recipes if they don't want to submit them directly to Lipton using Yummly or the Contact Us page.