Where Can You Read Customer Reviews of Litton Loan Servicing?

Customer reviews of Litton Loan Servicing are on Consumer Affairs. As of 2015, this company has almost 950 consumer reviews, and almost 80 consumers also left ratings that average a rating of 1.3 stars. In total, Litton Loan Servicing received one five-star rating, three four-star ratings and eight two-star ratings, and the rest were one-star ratings.

There are hundreds of complaints on Consumer Affairs regarding Litton Loan Servicing. Many reviewers mention repeatedly trying to modify their loans to no avail. One reviewer states that his mortgage was up to date with Litton Loan Servicing, which still started foreclosure proceedings against him. Many other reviewers make similar claims and state that the company does not properly receive documents that it requests.

One reviewer claims that her husband, who has always maintained a perfect credit score, now has a loan default on his credit because Lifton incorrectly reported a default to the credit agency.

Another reviewer wrote on the Consumer Affairs website that she was approved for a loan modification that would lower her mortgage bill only to discover four months later that her house was going up for sale the next day and that Lifton decided against the modification without informing her.