How Can a Raise Be Secured?

How Can a Raise Be Secured?

Some of the things keep in mind when seeking a raise include knowing the exact amount of the raise, scheduling a meeting, practicing salary negotiations, being specific, allowing for feedback, avoiding threats and having endorsements. If used correctly, these tips can easily encourage the management to give a salary raise.

Being patient and choosing the most appropriate time to raise the issue of salary increments can help in achieving positive results. The following details should be of help when seeking an increase:

  • Know the amount

    It is a good idea to consult widely and come up with a reasonable amount with regard to the increase expected.

  • Schedule a meeting

    Schedule a meeting with the boss and let them know it will be to request a raise in salary.

  • Practice negotiations

    In certain cases, the boss may be willing to give a raise but not according to expectations. It is essential to know how to negotiate in such a way that both parties can reach an amicable solution.

  • Be specific

    Be specific about the amount and the duration expected when receiving a salary increase. Also, show specific reasons why a raise is deserved without being arrogant.

  • Allow for feedback

    When talking to the management, be attentive and listen to their feedback with an open mind.

  • Avoid threats

    Never be tempted to issue ultimatums or threats of quitting unless a raise is received. This may aggravate the management and cause friction.