How Can You Quickly Fix a Bad Credit Score?


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To fix a bad credit score quickly, dispute any errors on your credit report and consider negotiating with a creditor to have him remove a negative account from your report, states Forbes. Pay off any overdue accounts and make your monthly bill payments on time to build your score, according to Bankrate.

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Check your credit report to ensure the negatives appearing on it are accurate and up to date, as Bankrate advises. Consider disputing negative items or errors on your report through websites such as Equifax and TransUnion, recommends Forbes. Negotiate with a creditor in case you default on payments by offering, in writing, to clear an outstanding balance and requesting him to remove a negative account from your report. You may consider requesting for a good-will adjustment from a creditor with whom you have a good standing in case some of your payments are overdue.

Learn to use credit responsibly by not overcharging your credit card and making timely bill payments. By minimizing the use of your credit card to about 10 percent of your purchases, you maximize your credit score, says Forbes. Increase your payments on outstanding credit card accounts to about 50 percent of your credit limit or consider paying them off in full because a low balance in relation to your limit builds your credit and improves your score, as Bankrate explains.

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