Where Can You Purchase a Visa Credit Card?


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Visa credit cards are not available for purchase, but can be obtained by qualified individuals who submit a credit application to a bank. Visa credit cards are issued by individual banks, not directly by Visa.

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Many different banks offer Visa credit card applications on their websites or branch locations. In addition, the Visa website has a list of a Visa credit cards available from several banks. Because credit cards allow people to borrow money to make purchases and receive cash advances, banks require applicants to meet a standard of creditworthiness in order to qualify. The exact standard varies between banks, but is normally based on the applicant's credit report and credit score. The standard may also vary between different Visa credit cards offered by a single bank. Applicants who have a more positive credit history and a higher credit score can usually qualify for a Visa credit card with a lower interest rate and annual fee than applicants with negative credit histories and lower credit scores.

Visa prepaid cards and Visa gift cards are available for purchase and do not require a credit application. These cards do not extend credit to the user, but can be used like a Visa credit card for the amount of money initially loaded onto the card, less any service fees. In addition to being useful as gifts, these cards can be used for online purchases that require a major credit card.

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