Where Can You Purchase Pre-Recorded Professional Voicemail Messages?


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Professional pre-recorded voicemail messages are offered for sale at sites such as Voicemail-greetings.com, Phone.com and Provoicegreetings.com. Some companies offer pre-recorded message packages, and others offer custom-made recorded messages.

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Voicemail-greetings.com offers professionally recorded voicemail messages in several languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian. Ordering messages requires going to its pre-recorded phone greetings page and selecting a language preference. Step two involves selecting a male or female voice talent. In step three, users decide on a message type, which includes a busy message, a welcome message and a message for people to listen to while on hold. After making a selection, users can view each message script included in that package.

Voicemail-greetings.com options also include background music, and song names are listed along with item numbers. Popular offerings at Phone.com include its recorded voice prompts and on-hold message packages. It also offers voicemail greetings, professional audio announcements and custom audio for a variety of business presentations. Customers can provide a script or have the company create one, and a choice of voice talent is available. Customers can also choose music intervals and styles while filling out the online order form.

Pro Voice Greetings offers custom professional greetings for business and casual use. This company provides numerous voice samples to use for messages.

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