Where Can You Purchase a Mini Hay Baler Machine?

Where Can You Purchase a Mini Hay Baler Machine?

Purchase a mini hay baler machine through sites such as Alibaba.com, MiniBaler.com, SmallFarmInnovations.com and eBay.com, as of 2015. Each site includes different styles of balers available through different purchase options, with some also selling accessories and related equipment.

Alibaba.com contains listings for mini hay balers from manufacturers across the world, with each listing including details about both the product and the seller. Product listings typically consist of a picture of the item, a description of its functionality and a list of any relevant certifications. Seller information includes the name of the company, the total number and value of its transactions on the site and the presence of any trade assurance on the purchase.

MiniBalers.com sells two types of balers, each of which produces bales of different dimensions. Its stationary table baler creates smaller bales but offers more customization options, whereas the pull-type baler creates larger bales and uses the base design of a vintage New Holland model.

SmallFarmInnovations.com sells many different types of farming equipment and machinery in addition to mini balers, all of which are available to review on the site. Product specifications for each baler are available as a free downloadable PDF document, which includes details about the size of bale it makes, optional features and its weight and height.

Auction site eBay.com contains a variety of listings for mini balers in a wide range of conditions and styles. Due to the user-driven nature of the site, availability varies over time.