How Can You Purchase Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance?

How Can You Purchase Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance?

Purchase Kaiser Permanente health insurance by obtaining a quote, viewing plans available to you and then applying for your preferred type of coverage. Kaiser Permanente offers online and paper applications.

  1. Obtain a quote

    Get a quote from the Kaiser Permanente website by inputting the year you want your health insurance plan to start and your ZIP code. Click on Get a Quote after you enter your information.

  2. Add vital information

    On the second screen, select your date of birth and gender for yourself and any dependents also on the plan. You may qualify for financial assistance based on the number of individuals in your household and your expected income. Click Compare My Plans to see available options.

  3. Examine each plan

    View each plan summary by looking at the benefits, costs, deductibles and premiums. Click on Details to see specifics. Compare selections to narrow your choices from the plans Kaiser Permanente prepared for you based on your personal information. Choose Apply to purchase a particular plan.

  4. Buy health insurance

    Sign up directly with Kaiser Permanente by giving the company your Social Security number, date of birth, past health insurance information and other vital data. Pay with a credit card or bank account. When you sign up directly with Kaiser Permanente, federal assistance does not apply. Before purchasing health insurance, create a user ID and password for the health insurance website. As of November 2014, choose doctors in California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Oregon and Washington, D.C.