How Can You Purchase a Farm King's Allied Front-End Loader?


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To buy a new Allied front-end loader from the nearest Farm King dealer, select the Locate a Dealer link on the Farm-King.com home page, choose Front-End Loader from the Product Line drop-down menu, and enter the location. Farm King dealers are located across the United States, Canada and Australia.

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As of 2015, Farm King has two series of Allied front-end loaders in current production: the 95 Series and the Midmount 2000 Series. The choice of front-end loader depends on age and engine capacity of the tractor.

The 95 Series is designed for use on older and newer models of tractors with 15 to 275 horsepower. The majority of 95 Series front-end loaders connect the mounting kit to the tractor's rear axle to minimize stress on the tractor and increase equipment life. A variety of features are available on the various models of the 95 Series, with the skid steer quick attach standard on all models through the 595.

The Midmount 2000 Series is designed specifically for newer model tractors. The quick attach and heavy-duty parallel bucket linkage features, standard on all models, simplify attachment changes. The Midmount 2000 Series is designed with increased clearance, allowing front fenders to remain in place and permitting easier access for equipment service.

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