Where Can You Purchase AsSeenOnTV Products?


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As Seen on TV products are available for purchase online at Asseenontv.com, from gift companies like Carol Wright Gifts and retailers like Big Lots and Walmart, as of 2015. Many popular TV advertised products can also be found in brick and mortar retails stores.

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A wide range of products are sold on TV through short and long infomercials that typically demonstrate a product to viewers, while explaining its features and benefits. As Seen on TV product categories include health and beauty, automotive, household and fitness. Consumers are able to call a special phone number, or visit a website, to purchase the product advertised. Some products display the As Seen on TV logo on its packaging. Manufacturers can use this logo freely, because its in the public domain.

As Seen on TV products usually have one or more distinguishing features that make them unique. Most of these products are designed to solve a problem or to improve the lives of consumers in some way. For instance, people who have little time to make home cooked meals may be attracted to a kitchen product that cooks meals quickly. One popular product gets rid of rough skin on the heels and feet, returning feet to a smooth and attractive appearance.

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