How Can You Purchase Annuities Through Forethought?


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Customers may purchase Forethought annuities through financial advisors who have a life insurance license in your state, according to Forethought. Agents must register with Forethought before selling the company's products. These advisors access sales and marketing tools through Forethought's website in order to learn about Forethought's financial products.

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Forethought sells fixed annuities, fixed index annuities and variable annuities, according to Investment News. Independent agents and independent organizations agree to sell these products, as opposed to working directly for Forethought.

One of the company's annuities includes the ForeRetirement III C-Share Variable Annuity, notes the company. As of 2015, this annuity requires an initial investment of $10,000 for nonqualified contracts and $5,000 as an IRA. Minimum subsequent payments must be made in $500 increments. The standard charge for the contract includes 1.65 percent of the account, plus an annual $50 maintenance fee for any contract less than $50,000. Other fees include a fund facilitation fee and annual operating expenses that range from 0.50 percent to 2.03 percent of the fund's value.

Optional benefits of this annuity include income protection and death benefits paid to heirs, says Forethought. Payees may access 100 percent of the money at any time, and the maximum issuance age for this annuity is 80 years old. The maximum annuitization age is 90 or 10 years past the original issuance date.

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