Where Can You Find Providers in the Spectera Vision Network?

To find providers in the Spectera network, go to the company website, enter your ZIP code or address in the provider quick search tool on the lower left of the page, and click Search. View your search results on the next screen, including provider names, distances, addresses and phone numbers, as noted on the Spectera website.

The office locations listed on the results page are the only ones in your network. If you visit a listed provider at a different location, you may not receive full benefits for the visit, according to Spectera. The company also recommends checking that the provider is still contracted to the network before making an appointment. Although you are required to have a Costco membership to buy eyeglasses or contact lenses at a Costco, you do not need a Costco membership to visit a provider inside a Costco store.

Log in at the top left of the company website to view only the network providers that are associated with your plan. If you are a first-time user, register by using the link provided above the search tool. If you do not know your subscriber ID, click on the Don't Know Subscriber ID link, and follow the directions, states Spectera. Use the contact link at the bottom right of the page for help with any problems finding a provider.