How Can You Find Providers That Are Covered by CareFirst Insurance?

How Can You Find Providers That Are Covered by CareFirst Insurance?

To find providers covered by CareFirst insurance, visit the CareFirst website at, click on Find Providers and Search Providers, enter the requested information and click Search. As of 2015 there are options for medical, dental, pharmacy and vision, notes

To find a CareFirst provider for medical needs, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the CareFirst website
  2. Type into an internet browser and press enter.

  3. Find a provider
  4. Look for the row of blue tabs beneath the CareFirst logo. Click on the tab labeled Find Providers, and then click on Search Providers below Provider Directory.

  5. Click on Find a Provider
  6. A screen titled Search Providers appears. Below the text is a blue button labeled Find a Provider. Click on this button.

  7. Narrow the search for a medical provider
  8. The Medical field is the next default screen. There is an option to search by Name or Provider Type. Choose the desired search and fill in all the requested information in the spaces provided. This may include Location, Distance, Provider Type and Plan.

  9. View search results
  10. Review the search results for a list of providers in the desired field.

Potential patients should note that provider information may change. Patients covered by a CareFirst plan should call the provider's office to be sure the provider still accepts CareFirst insurance, notes