How Can You Provide Excellent Customer Service?


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Provide excellent customer service by listening, saying yes, making customer service a habit and apologizing. Taking care of the customer and giving them something they can't get anywhere else helps to establish a lasting relationship between the company and the customer.

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Listen to what the customer says. Ask questions to clarify if needed. Try to anticipate the customer's needs, but don't assume whether or not the customer wants or doesn't want something. Listen to what the customer isn't saying too. Body language, voice tone and word choice help clue the agent in to what the customer wants. Listening allows for questions and problems to be solved accurately.

Say yes to the customer. This makes doing business with the company easy and makes the customer want to come back again and again. As long as the request is not totally unreasonable, say yes and make it happen, even if this requires creative thinking and input from others.

Get into the habit of pleasing the customer. The company should train and reinforce excellent customer service policies often. Make being polite, friendly and helpful a way of doing business all the time, not just when a customer is upset.

Apologize when needed. If the business does something wrong or makes a mistake, apologize to the customer. Make them feel better, and remember to fix the problem. Even if the problem can't be fixed or the complaint is not relevant, an apology makes the difference between excellent customer service and bad customer service.

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