How Can You Prove Your Property Lines?


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One way to prove the boundaries of your property is to pay for an official land survey, which compares the physical property and structures to official land records. Similarly, you can also conduct a title search to check the current land records yourself.

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How Can You Prove Your Property Lines?
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Property lines become an important consideration when you plan to build on your land in an area that adjoins another piece of property, or if a neighbor plans to do the same near your property. In most cases, when someone builds a home, she must file the exact dimensions and boundaries of the lot with the city or county for property records, which includes the land underneath the home and its surrounding area. As a result, it is possible to conduct a title search for your home with your county to discover the legal boundaries of your land. Every county has its own filing and search system, which means you may be able to perform the search online or may have to visit the local office.

Another alternative is to hire a surveyor to inspect the land, take measurements and compare them to current records. Typically, official surveyors have experience running title searches and can locate the information more easily than novices. The surveyor can also fully understand the documents on file with the county and explain how they differ, if at all, from the current findings.

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