How Can You Find Property Tax Parcel Numbers?


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A property's parcel number is usually located on a property tax statement or tax bill, according to the Alameda County Assessor's Office. Counties such as Clark County, Nevada, offer telephone information services to locate parcel numbers for any property located within county boundaries.

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Tax bills issued by a county treasurer or assessor's office use a property's parcel number as a unique identifier for the location, tax status and other records pertaining to the property, according to SFGate. Counties such as King County, Washington, offer interactive parcel maps that show the current boundaries of each parcel and parcel numbers for the whole county, as shown on its website.

Some counties permit access to parcel numbers and property records based on search criteria that include the physical address, owner's name, township and range information. Parcel numbers also provide information about a property's assessment value, according to the Clark County Assessor's Office. A typical parcel number is made up of three or four parts where the first numbers indicate the broad township or range location of the property, while subsequent numbers narrow down the location and identity of the property. The last four numbers are usually unique to the property's individual parcel, as is the case in Clark County.

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