How Can You Find Private House Cleaning Jobs?

can-private-house-cleaning-jobs Credit: heshphoto/Image Source/Getty Images

People seeking private housekeeping jobs can set up an account and browse listings at employment websites such as, or Simply Hired and apply for posted jobs. Simply Hired aggregates job listings from other sites, while and match job seekers with potential employers.

Individuals and families seeking private housekeepers want individuals to perform the tasks of dusting furniture, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming floors, cleaning indoor and outdoor areas and handling laundry. Some employers require housekeepers to cook meals and go on errands. Qualified candidates for housekeeping jobs are able to handle a variety of tasks and work scheduled hours desired by employers. Housekeepers must also be highly motivated to tackle and complete cleaning tasks, exhibit trustworthiness and have a pleasant disposition. Housekeeping job applicants are evaluated on work experience and history, educational and personal information. A background check is often required during the application process.

Private housekeeping job candidates can prepare for interviews by reviewing common interview questions and practicing answers. Employers typically want to know a candidate's motivation for choosing housecleaning as a profession. Candidates need to express a deeper motivation than just getting paid. A question about multitasking provides candidates with an opportunity to reveal various skills. Housekeeping candidates are sometimes questioned about cleaning systems and safety methods.