Where Can Printable Rent Receipts Be Found Online?

As of 2015, three online sources for printable rent receipts are RentLaw, Printable Cash Receipts and Vertex42. Printable rent receipt forms are available from all three online sources in the Adobe Acrobat PDF format with no download fee, as noted on each of their websites. Printable Cash Receipts offers a customizable rent receipt in a Microsoft Word document format for a download fee of $7, along with a variety of other specialized business forms that come in both no-fee and customizable download-fee versions.

In addition to their PDF version, the Vertex42 rent receipt form is available in five other formats, all of them without a download charge. The additional rent receipt file formats are for use in Excel 2003, 2007 and Excel for iPad, Microsoft Word 2007+ and OpenOffice. The Vertex42 website offers a wide range of business forms, spreadsheet and presentation templates at no fee, and also provides fee-based Excel and business consulting services.

RentLaw's rent receipts are available in a three-per-page PDF version. Theirs is the only PDF-format rent receipt that does not display the source name when the receipts are cut apart for use. The company uses the form for their own rental property transactions, as noted on its website. RentLaw specializes in a variety of property rental forms and guides, and the company also provides fee-based tenant screening and credit-check services.