Where Can I Find Free, Printable Lined Paper?

can-printable-lined-paper Credit: Abhi/CC-BY-2.0

Free, printable lined paper can be downloaded from websites such as Printable Paper, Activity Village, Teaching Ideas, The English Genie and Donna Young. These sites offer various sizes of printable lined paper available for download.

Printable Paper offers lined paper in four different sizes with various line widths and in either landscape or portrait orientation. The paper can also be printed in shades of light blue, gray, green and pink.

Activity Village has lined paper with or without borders. The paper can be printed out with blue or pink lines or with yellow or pink shading.

Teaching Ideas has varying sizes of lined paper as well as handwriting lined paper, which helps learners practice writing between the lines.

The English Genie offers A4 printable lined paper that comes in narrow, medium or wide sizes and with or without margins.

Donna Young has a selection of lined notebook filler paper that can be printed with small graphics in different themes. The history theme displays pictures of various presidents, and the literature theme displays images related to either Lion in a Wardrobe, Charlotte's Web, Animal Farm, Tom Sawyer, The Hobbit or Alice in Wonderland. There are also graphics of animals, super heroes and trees among others.