Where Can You Find a Printable Financial Statement?


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To find a printable financial statement, visit a website that provides financial statement forms such as Council Bluffs Savings Bank, TidyForm.com or FormSwift.com. Fill out the basic financial statement form with your personal information, then print the completed form, FormSwift.com says.

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The purpose of a financial statement form is to give an investor or loan provider a detailed view of your assets and liabilities before agreeing to invest in your business or other venture, FormSwift.com says. The form includes your personal information, a balance sheet and notes related to your assets and liabilities. When you find a financial statement form online, make sure it contains a section to provide your legal name, address and phone number.

Appraise all of the valuable property you own, and gather information about your unpaid debts. On the financial statement form, list your valuable property and your debts, then subtract your debts from your property worth to calculate your net worth. Include your net worth total in the final financial statement.

FormSwift.com suggests listing any additional income or financial details in a separate noted section at the end of the financial statement form. Make sure your calculations are correct before submitting the form to an individual or company. Check that all of the information on the form represents a true and accurate version of your financial situation to give the investor a realistic picture before investing.

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