Where Can You Find a Printable Checkbook Register?


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Printable checkbook registers are available at Printable Paper and BusinessFormTemplate.com. These registers are available in a portable document format and include the alternating shaded and white lines that help users keep records of their transactions.

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Where Can You Find a Printable Checkbook Register?
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Keeping track of the funds in a checking account requires careful recording of the funds the user deposits and the money he spends. The account holder must also include any automatic deposits, withdrawals and fees that affect the account.

When using the two-line method for keeping the check register, the account holder uses a clear and shaded line to record each transaction. Important types of information to include are the check number, date, person receiving the payment and the amount. The shaded line allows the user to record the purpose of the check. He uses a similar two-line set of entries for each deposit.

After each transaction, the account holder should add or subtract funds as appropriate and update the running balance. Careful record-keeping decreases the chances of an overdrawn account.

Most banks provide monthly statements of the account. The account holder should attempt to reconcile his register with the statement. This involves subtracting any outstanding payments and adding any deposits the statement does not show. If there are differences, the account holder should attempt to locate the source of the problem.

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