Where Can I Find a Printable 7 Percent Sales Tax Chart Online?


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The best place to find a 7 percent sales tax chart online is the Internal Revenue Service's website. There are many other sites online to find this chart, however.

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Many websites online have printable tax charts, and the 7 percent sales tax chart is not an exception. The Internal Revenue Service has a website that holds many tax forms and tables that have been used for financial purposes. On the IRS's website, a 7 percent sales tax table can be found by using the search bar.

Most state or government sites have the 7 percent sales tax chart on their local website or directions to find it. Several other websites dedicated to sales tax or general taxes by the federal or state government will also have the 7 percent sales tax charts.

A 7 percent sales tax is a tax that is imposed on goods and services by a government that the consumer has to pay when they purchase a product. A 7 percent sales tax chart shows the amount of tax to charge per dollar. The 7 percent sales tax actually means 7 cents per dollar of every dollar spent on the transaction. The chart makes it easier for the seller to add up how much the customer owes for tax.

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