Where Can You Find a Printable 1099 Tax Form?


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The 1099 tax form is maintained online on the IRS government website alongside all other tax forms necessary for individuals, small businesses, charitable trusts and other entities that must interact with the tax system. These forms can be filed online in many instances, but they can also be printed and mailed in for filing.

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Form 1099 covers a number of forms of miscellaneous income and can also be filed in instances when the filer has paid royalties, rent or other miscellaneous payments to an individual. The form is filed repeatedly based on the number of individuals to whom the payments were made.

The IRS website is geared toward helping taxpayers streamline their experience of the tax system. It eliminates the need for taxpayers to interact with the postal system and ensures that their taxes are filed immediately, but in the instance that they would prefer or are required to submit forms by mail, it also ensures that they have immediate access to those forms.

A trip to a library is enough to print off all necessary forms. As many 1099 forms as are needed can be printed off at once, in addition to any and all other payer forms that an individual might need to file.

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