Can I Print a Receipt for an Auto Insurance Payment That Was Paid Online?


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Online auto insurance receipts may be printed at the client's discretion. With an electronic payment, clients are provided with verification or transaction numbers, which they may print for their records.

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The process for printing an online verification can be done in several different ways. Clients may utilize the print screen button on their keyboard to print the entire screen. It can also be accessed through the menu pulled up when a client right clicks on the web browser window containing the transaction information and then selecting the "Print" option.

If there is no immediate access to a printer, clients may opt to save the web pages to their computers for future reference. Additionally, it is possible to print documents into a PDF editing program, which then formats the web page into a PDF file for future reference and easy sharing and digital storage.

Finally, many insurance companies will email a confirmation of any payments or transactions conducted with the client. By retaining these emails in dedicated storage folders, clients track transactions online through their email accounts without the risk of losing the data on their computers or misplacing printed copies. With the increased usage and acceptance of electronic purchases, email has become an acceptable method for recording transactions.

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