How Can You Print Your Own Coin Wrappers?

To print coin wrappers, select a coin wrapper template from an online website, or type up coin amounts and labels in a word processing program. Print the template on sturdy paper, such as construction paper, cut the wrapper to fit the coins, insert the coins, and roll the paper into a cylinder shape before sealing with tape.

  1. Create a template

    Search the Internet for a coin wrapper template already designed, or type out the coin amounts for pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters in a word processing program. When creating customized coin wrappers, designate the coin type and dollar amount.

  2. Gather supplies to roll coins

    Compile sturdy brown paper, such as construction paper to load into the printer. Have a pair of scissors and tape handy to seal the wrappers once the coins are inserted. Print the template onto the sturdy paper.

  3. Cut, wrap and roll

    Cut the printed paper for each set of coins. Separate coins by type, and count out the correct number or denomination of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Take one square of paper, and line up the coins vertically. Tuck in a bottom corner of the paper to provide a base for the coins. Roll the paper to cover the coins and tuck in the remaining corner to close any coins exposed. Seal with a piece of tape.