How Can You Print Your Own Business Cards?


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To print your own business cards, buy perforated business card sheets, find a word processing or card design program, design and print a sample business card, and reproduce the card on the remaining sheets to the desired quantity. View and study different card layouts before designing and printing yours.

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How Can You Print Your Own Business Cards?
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Visit a local office supply retailer to select and buy business card sheets with the desired color and finish. Install a card design program on your computer, or check whether your word processing program has business card templates. In Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010, click the Mailings tab, select Labels, and go to Options to select a business card format. Compose a sample business card by adding a logo, text, background and other desired design elements. Save the sample on the desktop or in a folder of your choice.

Load the business card sheets into the printer, open the business card file, click the File tab, and select Print from the drop-down menu. Print one sheet to ensure the design is satisfactory. Print the remaining card sheets, and fold and tear them along the perforations.

If printing a large quantity of business cards, consider seeking professional printing services to lower expenses. Personal printing may lack some of the techniques used in professional printing, such as metallic foil stamping and gradations.

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